Meet Our Chickens!

Want to meet the chickens who lay your eggs? Read more below to learn about how we raise such happy hens!


The Hens

We have two different flocks of chickens. The first flock has our more mature hens in it; we've had a few of them for 4 years, and most of them for 2 years. This flock is made up of about 20 chickens, including Golden Comets, Barred Rocks, and Sicilian Buttercups. Most of these chickens lay light brown eggs. Five of the chickens were recently adopted, including two chickens who lay light blue eggs and a tiny bantam chicken named Diana.


Barred Rock


Golden Comet


Sicilian Buttercups

Our second, newer flock is also made up of about 25 chicken. About 15 are of a variety of heritage breeds, bought as pullets (young chickens) from a local breeder. Their breeds include Black Brahmas, White Brahmas, White-faced Black Spanish chickens, and a Orpington named Kevin. Many of these chickens lay white eggs. There are also 10 Rhode Island Reds, the newest addition to our flocks. They are strong-egg layers, laying light brown eggs.


Their Pastures

Our chickens are pasture-raised, meaning they are free to forage in a large, outdoor space. To protect our flocks, we surround their yards with a solar-powered electric fence. This gives them a safe, grassy area to roam around in, foraging for plants and bugs. Each flock also has their own mobile coop, inside which they have nesting boxes and roosts. About once every 2 or 3 weeks, we move each flock's coop and fence to a brand new spot so they can have a fresh yard. 


Their Diet

Our flocks receive a well-balanced diet every day. They eat as they forage, but they always have access to non-GMO layer feed. At least once a day they get a protein-rich treat of meal worms and mixed seeds or sunflower seed. Oyster shells and grit are scattered on the ground for additional calcium and proper digestion. We also give them fruit and vegetable scraps about once a week. 

Egg Availability 

Currently all of our egg subscriptions are spoken for. Sorry about that! However, we often have a surplus dozen or two when our chickens have an extra good egg-laying week. Follow us on Facebook (@FarmGirlDeliveries) to be alerted when we have some available!  For now, check out the fresh produce and flowers we have in our store: