If you’re looking for beautiful, freshly cut flowers from a local source, we’re the farm for you! Our seasonal flowers are perfect for brightening your home or business, special events, or a thoughtful gift! We have fresh flowers available from late April through October.

Flower Order Options

1. One-time Order

In our online store, we have several options of beautifully pre-arranged​ bouquets. You can choose from bouquets that come in small or large mason jars, with water and flower conditioner. We also have a large, long-stemmed bouquet option that's delivered wrapped in paper and twine. This option works wonderfully to fill your own flower vase, or as a stunning gift. In addition, throughout the flower season, we will have specialty bouquets, such as bouquets of sunflowers in the summer. Just place your order and we'll deliver it, fresh-cut, on Tuesday. All our flowers last a minimum of a week when kept in water.

2. Bouquet Subscription

In our online store, there is also the option to have bouquets delivered to your home or local business on a weekly basis​. There are 3 types of bouquets offered for subscription: in a small mason jar, in a large mason jar, or a long-stemmed bouquet wrapped in paper. Choose "Weekly Bouquet Subscription" with the type of bouquet you want, and then you'll have the option to adjust the number of bouquets you receive, as well as the number of months you subscribe for. 

At check-out, you can pay for your whole subscription period, or if you would prefer to pay in weekly installments, simply choose "Manual Payment." This will allow you to pay once a week upon delivery, via check, cash, or Venmo. 

If you are a business and have specifications for delivery, feel free to email us at

3. Special Orders 

If ​you would like us to provide wedding bouquets, themed bouquets for a special occasion, or a bulk order of seasonal flowers, email us at