Our Story


Farm Girl Deliveries first began in 2016 when Concetta Kome started raising a little flock of chickens at her home in Central, SC. She began sharing the extra eggs with friends, and eventually added in produce from her home garden. In July of 2018, Concetta made Farm Girl Deliveries, LLC, official, hoping to continue to share the abundance she grew. 

On October 4, 2018, Concetta and her husband Hunter signed the contract to a beautiful, 21 acre piece of land in Six Mile, SC. This ended their long search for a local property where they could start their dream farm. It's on this land that Farm Girl Deliveries was able to expand, with more room for gardens and chicken flocks. In September 2019, after almost a year of commuting to work on the land, the Kome family made the move from Central into their new house on the farm, where they live today. 


How Our Garden Grows

We grow a flower garden and a produce garden, totaling about 65 beds in a space less than 0.3 acres. All of the gardens are made using no-till, raised beds. This means that instead of tilling down into the existing soil, we build upwards, using soil rich in organic matter. This method has many benefits, especially in terms of increasing long-term soil health instead of disrupting it. To help make soil for our raised beds, and put our old garden vegetation and food scraps to a good use, we have a series of compost piles.



We start all our vegetable plants from seeds. While we rely a lot on the natural fertility of the soil in our raised beds to help our plants grow,  we also add natural fertilizers. For example, we use the leaves of comfrey plants to make a water-and-leaf mixture called 'comfrey tea'. The comfrey's taproots capture nutrients from the deep in the soil, and then we feed those nutrients back into the garden. This is a example of our philosophy with everything on the farm: work with the earth, not against it. We also use other practices such as cover cropping to help return nutrients like nitrogen to the soil.


Just as with the fertilizer and soil health, we use a natural, integrative approach for weed and pest control. Weed control is done entirely through suppression (with cardboard, mulch, and the soil of raised beds) and hand-pulling. We control pests through practices such as companion planting, crop rotation, and even just hand-picking insects off the leaves.

We also invite and welcome beneficial insects into our gardens. The right insects can greatly increase productivity in a vegetable garden, and can also be a key part of pest control. That's one of the reasons why our flower garden is right next to our vegetable garden! Concetta also raises hives of bees. Someday they'll make honey for us, but they're also wonderful pollinators to have around. 


In addition to our chickens (see "Our Chickens" tab on the menu to learn more about our hens), we have a mixed herd of animals on our farm. There are 7 goats (Boots, Gobi, Luca, Kipa, Frankie, Robin and Winnie), 2 sheep (Mary and Pippin), a mini Highland/White Park cow named Flora, and a mini donkey named Gnocchi. They are used for regenerative management of our pasture land, which was originally completely overgrown with kudzu. Goats love to eat kudzu, and they have done an excellent job of clearing it and keeping it from growing back. Each of the herd animals graze or forage on different plants, so the mixed herd is beneficial to a balanced pasture. In addition, the herd is rotated through 3 different pasture areas, to help keep them and the land healthy. 


Meet Your Farmer


Concetta is the founder of Farm Girl Deliveries. She has been gardening, both at home and professionally, all her life. In 2015, at the age of 50, she completed a 9 month Permaculture Design Course and Basics of Homesteading, in Asheville, NC. This program and her previous small business experience with her own natural lawn-care business focused her strong beliefs that sustainable practices are a welcome contribution to small town living. 

Concetta's twin daughters, Rosa and Lillian Kome, were a part of Farm Girl Deliveries from May 2019 until November 2020. They helped with working the gardens and running the business until they moved to North Carolina. Currently,  Concetta is helped by a Clemson University intern named Josie Prince, who is majoring in Horticulture. 

Where Our Produce Goes

Starting in 2020, the majority of the produce we grow goes to the Clemson Free Clinic as a part of their wonderful "Produce Rx" program (their website can be found here). Any surplus we have after the program is an abundance we will share in our online store and at our local farmers markets. And we always have lots of fresh-cut flowers!

If you want to follow along with the process of starting a family farm, keep up with the gardens, or see what it means to raise a happy chicken, check out the Farm Blog by clicking below.