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March 17

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Brand new chicks have joined our flock!

Today we welcomed 32 young chickens to the farm. They are heritage and rare breeds raised on Egg Well Farm in Wellford, SC. The variety of breeds means a rainbow array of feathers: lavender-blue, white, yellow, rust-red, and coal-black feathers. Size is just as diverse; some are small enough to nestle into a palm, and some are nearly the size of adults, despite their age.

Once they grow into their adult plumage, we'll do a photo-shoot and introduce them properly. They'll also join our established flock when they're older. For now they are semi-bald, gawky little teens, and have to be kept warm and safe. Their coop has its own yard, but they aren't quite old enough to explore just yet. The coop will be their home while they get to know each other and us.

The chicks are brave and sweet. When we offered food, they eagerly ran around on our hands and arms. One jumped up on Lilly's shoulder to soak up some sun. I tucked one into my shirt and she fell asleep in the warmth.

Our new farm members are very cute and exciting. They are growing fast, and soon they will be providing eggs as beautiful and diverse as they are.


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