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Saturday, October 20

Today we spent hours cutting, mowing, and hauling in crisp fall weather.

The saplings are losing leaves quickly now, but we're cutting just as fast. While Hunter takes out the big ones with his brush hook, Lillian and I lop the little ones. We're focusing on the trees for now, leaving the new areas un-mowed. The vegetation is dominated by grass anyways, perhaps a fortunate left-over from past land-use.

Concetta continued re-mowing the grass, keeping the growth down in preparation for more beds. Lillian and I finished mulching the garden paths. By the time we headed home, we had a clean-cut expanse, mulched beds, and an encouragingly large section of pear-free grass.

Tomorrow I won't be able to visit the land, but the work is never done. Concetta researches and organizes new supplies and services. Hunter keeps up construction on our mobile chicken house, so soon we can transition our flock to the land. And every chance they get, my parents are out here, putting care and effort into the land. Their work is transforming the land more and more each day.


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