Welcome to Farm Girl Deliveries!

We bring pasture-raised eggs, fresh produce, cut flowers, & other bounty from our farm to your doorstep.

Concetta and her daughters Rosa and Lillian run a small farm in Six Mile, SC. There, we pasture-raise chickens, keep bees, and cultivate gardens of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. We welcome you to fill your basket with the bounty from our land, and we'll deliver it fresh, right to your home. 

Our Commitment

On our farm, we use natural, sustainable farming and growing practices. We work with the earth, not against it. That means:

  • We never use synthetic pesticides or insecticides.

  • The fertilizers we use are always all natural and organic. 

  • We use holistic growing practices such as permaculture and polyculture.

  • We raise our chickens in rotating pastures. 

  • We leave space on our farm for wild plants and animals.

Our Story


Farm Girl Deliveries first began in 2016 when Concetta Kome started raising a little flock of chickens at her home in Central, SC. She began sharing the extra eggs with friends, and eventually added in produce from her home garden. In July of 2018, Concetta made Farm Girl Deliveries, LLC, official, hoping to continue to share the abundance she grew. 

On October 4, 2018, Concetta and Hunter signed the contract to a beautiful, 21 acre piece of land in Six Mile. This ended their long search for a local property where they could start their dream farm. The house on the land was dilapidated and the land itself had been abandoned for generations. It was the perfect canvas.

Since then, the Kome family has steadily transformed the land. Concetta's chickens, both her original flock and newcomers, happily call the fields home, and several gardens are up and running. Rosa and Lillian officially began working with Farm Girl Deliveries after graduating from Clemson University. After almost a year of commuting out to the land, the Kome family made the move from Central into their new home on the farm.   

If you want to follow along with the process of starting a family farm, keep up with the gardens, or see what it means to raise a happy chicken, check out the Farm Blog by clicking below. Rosa posts new entries often! 

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