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Sunday, November 11

Updated: Dec 12, 2018


A fresh dozen of eggs awaited us today. The chickens must really like their new home!

We set up a tarp shelter for the chickens. So far they are hesitant to wander far from the coop, but they started to hang out under the tarp, too. We've seen hawks cruising overhead, so we want to make sure the chickens have a quickly-accessible shelter. We'll put up more defenses, but today Concetta and Hunter were working on the land, so the chickens were entirely safe.

We provide oyster shells and grit to the chickens. They use the shells' calcium for egg-building and grit to grind up food in their gizzards. We also provide them layer feed. However, there's abundant food in the grass, and the free-range diet will fortify the birds and their eggs.

This weekend was perfect weather for introducing the chickens, but the next few days threaten to be cold and rainy. Still, the ladies have a brand-new grass yard, which can absorb rain much better than their worn-out yards could. Chickens don't seem to mind the rain the way people do, but they've always got a dry house whenever they need.


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