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Sunday, October 7

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Mist hovered over the mountains, keeping the hot sun at bay. Dave headed back to Atlanta, so we continued on with a handsaw and loppers.

We mowed first and then cut so that the grass was out of the way. Since we were clearing close to the driveway, we were able to load the trailer with the felled saplings.

Today we chipped two trailer-fulls of saplings. And yesterday we chipped more than twice as many!

After the long, unseasonably hot day yesterday, our family was sore and tired. Still, we made good progress. We chopped, mowed, hauled, and chipped for hours. The pictures below are before/after shots of the last Bradfords that we cut today.

A lot of butterflies fluttered by today. I’m not very versed in bugs, but I thought I saw at least 6 species. A pair of Palm Warblers flitted about the dog fennel. Phoebes and mockingbirds perched on the power-line, while crows and blue jays roved by overhead. In the woods, Lillian and I discovered a beautiful Magnolia Warbler.

Today was the last day of the chipper. There is still an army of saplings to conquer, but their fate is not to be mulch.


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